Tesla Rental Resources

Welcome to Try-A-Tesla! Explore our Tesla rental resources below for frequently asked questions, a quick start guide for new drivers, and all you need to know to enjoy your Tesla Rental in Miami.

Getting Started with your Tesla Rental

Remote Access

Use your phone and the Tesla app as your key to unlock remotely, start the car, and track your rental.

Turning the Vehicle On/Off

No ignition switch, just a simple lever for park, forward and backwards. Ready to go? Make sure to have your key or phone in the car, press the brake, and shift into drive. Off you go!


Use the center console screen to find nearby charging stations and Tesla's Superchargers. You can also charge using the included mobile charger or at most shopping centers and some public parking areas.

Need help?

Give us a call at anytime if you need questions answered or help with your Tesla Rental. We're here to make sure you have an amazing experience and have all the Tesla Rental Resources you need! (786) 837-5222

Car Features and Customizations

Tesla's minimalist interior design means that almost every setting and control can be found in the center console screen.

Tesla Display Settings Overview

How to Drive a Tesla - Reverse, Park, Shift

Turn on Tesla Windshield Wipers

How to turn on Tesla Hazard Signals

How to Unlock / Lock your Tesla

Using Tesla Voice Commands

Open your Tesla's glovebox

Navigate to a Tesla Charging Station

Tesla Climate Control Overview

Adjust your Telsa's Side Mirrors


If we can’t meet you after hours, we’ll unlock your vehicle remotely at you convenience!
Take the express lanes without stopping! For a flat fee you’ll be able to quickly get around Miami without getting stuck in traffic or needing to pay cash at toll booths.

Not sure how to drive or operate your Tesla? We’ll give first-time drivers a brief introductory lesson on operation and features to ensure that you’re confident and comfortable before you depart.

Renting from Try-A-Tesla means that you’ll have access to Tesla’s Supercharging network. Search “Destinations –> Charging Stations” on the map to find the nearest charger. You can also use the voice command feature by saying “Navigate to nearest Supercharger”.

There is no cancelation fee if you cancel the trip 24 hours before it starts. There is a $100 fee if you cancel less than 24 hours before the scheduled trip.

Book online and we’ll unlock your Tesla remotely when you pick-up at our office or the drop-off location.

We’ll deliver your Tesla to all Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports, or any location within 20 miles of our North Miami Office.

We are one of the first in line to receive the Cyber Truck in 2024! Send us a message today to join the waitlist to be one of the first in Miami to drive a Cyber Truck

All of our Tesla’s include the self-driving, fully-autonomous packages – the most advanced driver assistance and remote summoning capabilities of any car on the road today.

Month to Month Rentals

Reserve the Tesla of your choice for months at a time without the need to commit to a multi-year lease. Enjoy the same benefits and support of a daily rental with the convenience, performance, and environmental benefits of a Tesla for months at a time.